Hello, We're
Evora & William Baker

Welcome to our site!

William and I have owned various businesses as well as worked full-time in the corporate world. It seems that the longer and harder we worked, our dream was moving out of reach rather than getting into focus and reach.

Our desire to live and leave a legacy led us to search for a way to solve our dilemma. We wanted to design our life in such a way to have freedom (time/money) and the ability to share and help other fulfill their lifelong dream.

The key to making this happen is to learn what the wealthy do that the poor and the middle class don't do. You need to create something that generates a passive income stream. And this something that we're referring to is known as a 'network for product distribution'. A distribution network allows you to gain leverage, and in today's e-commerce landscape and capitalize on this emerging business model.

We love working with open-minded, coachable, committed people, who are serious about getting ahead. Does that describe you? If so, please read on...

Our business model is fairly simple and has relatively low start-up costs compared to a traditional business. And when you have an experienced guide who can show you the ropes, you can see growth quite quickly.

And this is why you want to work with us, We will guide you!

When you join our team, you get:
    One-on-one coaching from us.
    In-depth training on the exact process needed to build your business online.
    Access to free weekly training and support conference calls.
    Access to free educational webinars that teach you how to use marketing skills.
    Access to proven tools which help you attract traffic, capture leads and create sales online.

If you think that's you, them let's connect and work out the possibilities of being business partners.

We're real people...so feel free to stop by and friend us on Facebook, and you can also connect with us on our Fan page.

Here's to your freedom!

The Baker's (William & Evora)